EMIT means
    E-very M-oment I-s T-reasure.

    ANKHFUL means
    A-chieve N-obel K-nowledgeable
    H-onourable F-aithful U-pfull L-iving.
    We would like to help you attain and instill
    healing and revitalizing words of peace, love
    and enduring into your daily living. We would like
    to help you remember to be ALWAYS ANKHFUL for EMIT.


    The Emit Ankhful logo is incorporated with The Hourglass and the famous ANKH. The Hourglass is a symbol of time and the ankh is a symbol of  life Sometimes referred to as the Key of Life or the key of the Nile is representative of eternal life in ancient Egypt created by Africans long ago. The Ankh is said  to be the first or the original cross. For us at Emit Life is Time and Time is life all in one. They both as equally important and should both be cherished and be grateful and thankful for no matter the circumstances. We are proud to represent treasurable moments of time and life with our logo, and to bring hope and positive energies into your spaces and mental thoughts. So if you have this same perspective then our brand Emit Ankhful is for you. Share the knowledge. Be powerful in your own rights of your moments which is treasure.


    Please note that Emit Ankhful is a DBA of Zmaantoine Designs.